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C&S founder Cheryl Parker interview on the Binah Podcast

Cheryl Parker is all heart and a visionary. Many of us have dreamed about this idea of creating a platform that would help disciples stay with disciples as they travel. But Cheryl is the one who accepted the challenge and went on that adventure. Will you also join this adventure?

We at Third Drive, help companies get lift in the marketplace. That's what we do all week long, but this project is special to us because it's for our fellowship and our international family of churches. We are truly honored to help Cheryl's dream become a reality. Since we launched the campaign to build C&S, hundreds of disciples have expressed their support and excitement.

Brandon Knicely and I sat down with Cheryl to interview her for our Binah Podcast and hear the whole story, from inspiration, how we are going to build this valuable resource, all the way to plans for the future.

You will find out the three "P"s of how you can help. Actually we made up the 4th "P" on the fly during the interview.

It's all very exciting, give it a listen here! If you like it, please subscribe to the podcast and share it with friends.

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