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Give, and it will be given to you

We all know someone like this...that brother or sister, family or household in your fellowship who never hesitates to open their home and heart to the outside traveler. Maybe YOU are that person! It's what I like to call 'Hostest with the Mostest'. These people demonstrate the heart of Christ in the spirit of generosity, trust and love. I recently had the privilege to sit down with Beth Keysear, a sister in the Austin church. In the short time Beth and her husband Tim have lived in Austin, they have been a pillar of encouragement to many passing through our town.

In this short interview, I ask Beth what keeps her motivated to serve others through hospitality. She shares about how her upbringing and her gratitude prompted her to have open hands and heart. She gives powerful advice and encouragement to those of us who may be challenged by the command to share with the Lord's people through hospitality (Romans 12:13). We also discuss how the hospitality of disciples in other cities was instrumental in her dating relationship. This led to her marrying the man of her dreams (hear their story in this quick DT Heart & Soul video to time marker 2:40)!

It was truly delightful to sit down with Beth in her new home! She and Tim recently moved after being told by property managers in their previous apartment that guest parking would be heavily regulated...what!? It's all very exciting, click here to give it a listen and be encouraged! If you like it, let us know in the comments section below what impacted you most!

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